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  1. Faouzi Ben Makhlouf | 16 March 2021 at 22h15 | Reply

    Salem Alykom
    May Allah reward you
    So can i integrate quran live in my angular app
    if yes how can i do that ???

  2. You have done some amazing job. May Allah reward you. Jazakallau Khairan. ?

    I am planning to use it on my 2 Islamic websites. Do you have any plans to update the plugin, add some styles and features in the near future? ☺

    • Yes of course
      I have to finish some work and I update all the plugins.
      Barak’Allah ou fik

  3. Salem aleykoum,
    Thanks for your job, barakaallahoufik. Machaallah.
    Tell, You have also, search quran plugin, no ?
    Because i’m found him in a site. And i talk with developper for how i can put them in my site. But i did not found him.
    In dourous.net, tey use a script for search in quran word, in french translation. Do you know if it’s your plugin ?
    Thanks in adavance.
    Salem aleykoum.

  4. salams, very nice thank you.

    one small issue is :
    Surah fatiha is not synchronised so when the translation is in English. The audio is one line ahead of the text.

    • Aleykoum salem,
      Thank you for your return, I will try to fix the problem insha’Allah.
      Barak’Allah oufik

  5. Please can you check the issue of Hadith Plugin on my WordPress Site.

  6. Al Sandayan | 13 August 2018 at 2h10 | Reply

    Ma shaa Allah! Alhamdulillah I’m very interested here brother, soo glad you made it.

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