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  1. Salem aleykoum,
    Thanks for your job, barakaallahoufik. Machaallah.
    Tell, You have also, search quran plugin, no ?
    Because i’m found him in a site. And i talk with developper for how i can put them in my site. But i did not found him.
    In dourous.net, tey use a script for search in quran word, in french translation. Do you know if it’s your plugin ?
    Thanks in adavance.
    Salem aleykoum.

  2. salams, very nice thank you.

    one small issue is :
    Surah fatiha is not synchronised so when the translation is in English. The audio is one line ahead of the text.

  3. Please can you check the issue of Hadith Plugin on my WordPress Site.

  4. Ma shaa Allah! Alhamdulillah I’m very interested here brother, soo glad you made it.

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